Hardwood Floor Refinishing – A Must-Do to Give Your Home a Toned Up Look

When you decide to have hardwood floor refinishing work done to your home, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. You may find yourself in a situation where you have to choose between a straight and angled surface or between a straight and curved one. There are also two other types of refinishing that are popular and that can be done in one area: a side-to-side and a front-to-back refinishing.

A hardwood floor that has been polished will appear shiny and clean. A wood floor may look too shiny when the finish has been applied over it. The roughness and imperfections are actually very appealing and can make the entire room look more realistic. If you notice any of these flaws, the only solution is to sand it off and give the room a total makeover.

So what’s the best way to refinish a hardwood floor? Your local Michigan hardware store carries specialized equipment that is specially designed to refinish hardwood floors. For some people, this is not practical because they don’t have the space for the heavy equipment needed to get it done. You can use sand paper or a broom to clean up the rough spots. You can also add a small amount of filler to give the finish a richer look.

Once you have it all cleaned up, you can start with the right type of tool for the job. There are Sanders with a variety of different grits, buffing machines, boilers, and finishing tools that will be perfect for the job.

Polishing a hardwood floor isn’t as simple as sanding it down. There are so many different types of finishes that are used for wood that it can be a real challenge to understand exactly what it needs to be properly polished.

To polish a hardwood floor, you should first consider the grain and texture of the wood. Is it smooth, is it grooved? This will help you determine what kind of polish to use.

The last thing you want to do with your refinishing is to use it to cover a flaw that is already on the floor. If it is visible, you will be setting the wrong mood for the entire room.

Remodeling can be difficult to do, but with careful planning, you can create some great looking floors that still have the rich look of hardwood floors. Good luck!