Soil for Self Watering Planters

Good soil is the key to get success in indoor gardening. Self watering planter gives an immediate advantage over traditional plant pots because the soil you use in them is much better than the soil of your yard. Soil should be loose and must have all the essential nutrients and organic matter in it for healthy plant growth.

This allows your plant roots to grow freely in a small space of self watering planters. You can place your self-watering planters in any part of the house. Just make sure it has access to sunlight. If you want to place your planter in shade than you should use LED grow lights. Because LED grow lights are the most efficient grow lights in the market.

They give excellent results by consuming very little energy. Moreover, they do not produce heat and you don’t have to install heat management systems like you have to install for HPS grow lights.

The best way is, use fresh potting soil for your new plants, go to the market or buy it form online stores. Potting soils are of different types you need to select according to your plant type.

For example, Tropical plants like anthurium plant required soil which has good drainage properties. If you use tightly packed soil your plant will die in a few days due to excess of water. Which results in root rot or other fungus-like diseases.

On the other hand, if you do not have a budget for new potting soil you can use old potting soil. But it should not be older than 2 seasons. Before using it for the new plants you need to recharge it and it is simple to do so. Just buy organic fertilizers and boosters add them into the soil after checking the soil quality by soil tester.

Many big greenhouses use old soil up to 5 seasons they just add nutrients in it and soil gets ready to use.

If you have raised garden beds you can use the same soil in them for brilliant results. Most people use raised beds to grow flowers in their gardens. Do not use them for indoor growing. Self watering planters are best to use for indoor gardening. For balcony gardens, self water planters are the best option.

You do not have to worry about watering your plants when you have a good quality self watering planter at home. They automatically supply water to the plant roots whenever they in need of water.

The pH of the soil used for indoor gardening should be neutral. Acidic soil is not beneficial for plants at all. Even when you grow cactus at home you need mildly acidic soil. And for that people add some amount of sand in the potting soil to make it suitable for cactus.

Auto watering planters are best to use for growing small plants at home. Use quality potting soil in your planter and you plant will thrive in days. If you cannot buy a pre-mixed potting soil then you can make it at home. Take the regular soil of your garden in 50% of the total amount of soil. Add some perlite in it about 30 to 35%. Add organic matter in the remaining part of the mixture. Now you have homemade potting soil just like the soil selling in Garden store.

Conclusion: We hope you understand the type of soil you should use in your planters. The type of soil we discuss here is the basic type of soil. There is a number of potting soil available and also you can alter them to make it suitable for your specific plant type.

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